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Selected Amazon Review headlines

"History reimagined."

"An exciting and unusual mystery."

"Bethlehem Boys is a page-turner."

"A great story with great characters."

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The best-selling* Biblical crime novel.

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"A gripping crime novel set in the early days of Jesus of Nazareth that masterfully mixes humor, memorable characters and razor-sharp pacing while always remaining respectful of historical and biblical traditions."

--Book & Reader

Two messiah candidates. One crime of Biblical proportions. 

In the year 1 AD, Senior Constable Gidon of the Bethlehem Town Watch investigates the theft of three treasures given by visiting scholars as a messiah blessing to the newborn son of a family of Nazarenes lodging in a barn. 


But what begins as a simple investigation soon escalates into a tale of murder, politics and religious conflicts that threaten to shatter the uneasy peace of a nation suffering under the yoke of Roman oppression. 

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*Admittedly, it's a pretty small category.  

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